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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation Services

To give businesses an unbeatable and unmatched value, eHorizon provides competitive staff augmentation services for small and large-scale companies around the world.

For most business, it hardly makes any sense to recruit full-time employees and resources if the requirement is only for a short duration of time. This varies from temporary projects to short or mid-term requirement of specific resources to fulfill certain business objectives.

Hiring eHorizon’s staff augmentation services can be of utmost benefit for companies that are seeking temporary candidates and additional resources to fulfill their staffing needs. Our company can help businesses to save ample amount of time, effort, and money to search for the right resources and talent with specialized staff augmentation services in Dubai and elsewhere.

Hire staff from the leading staffing firm in Dubai, UAE

With our enormous database, eHorizon can help with immediate replacements whenever the business warrants it. Our talented team and a comprehensive recruitment engine can provide businesses with the right talent for weekend support, temporary projects, vacation replacement and immediate urgency situations.

As one of the dominant staff augmentation service providers in Dubai and around the world, the team of eHorizon works toward narrowing the talent demand-supply gap and help businesses to acquire committed resources.

Staff Augmentation Service

eHorizon’s Vast Range of IT Staff Augmentation Services:

  • Web development
  • Developing Software
  • Technical support
  • Systems Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Developing Software
  • Project management
  • Mainframe Programming
  • Technical writing
  • Engineer and administrate the network
  • Designing, developing and administrating the database

eHorizon as One of the Best Staffing Firm for Businesses:

  • Optimize hiring processes- eHorizon helps businesses fill the required positions by providing qualified candidates and personnel for your staffing needs. Companies can sidestep time-consuming tasks like job postings and hire talented candidates without wasting any time and money.
  • Find the right talent pool- We help businesses tap into the latest talent pools and find candidates catering to client’s requirements and matching to the competitive and dynamic industry trends.
  • Local expertise and global reach- Our staffing firm helps businesses acquire local and global talent with customized solutions catering to diverse requirements.
  • Shorter hiring time- Business can make the most of our services by investing as little as possible. Our timeliness of resource deliveries make us one of the best staffing firms in Dubai, and we continue to work with the same commitment to shorten the hiring timings for businesses around the world.
  • Domain-based recruiting- With our multifarious IT staff augmentation services, businesses can effortlessly target and find the right resource pertaining to specific domain needs through our thorough domain-centric approach.
  • Service flexibility- eHorizon allows businesses to quickly and easily withdraw the services depending on contract terms and satisfaction results.
  • Dedicated manpower at competitive prices- Business has the opportunity to find the best manpower resource at extremely competitive prices. This ensures that companies maximize the productivity and profitability by hiring affordable resources that are within budget and to specification.

Hire staff from one of the leading staffing firms in Dubai and maximize resources and leverage opportunities for your business. eHorizon can help businesses retain top talents with IT staffing solutions with innovative staff augmentation approaches and at attractive prices.

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